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Upholstery & Window Treatment

This project was led by interior and product designer Carol Egan. Internationally recognized for her work, Carol Egan’s work is a defense of craftsmanship that promotes handmade creations and innovative techniques.

For this project in Sagaponack, NY, Carol Egan collaborated with Par Excellence’s upholstery & window treatment partner: Ateliers Jouffre.

In the living room, a magnificent orange floating banquette was upholstered by Jouffre and topped with Pierre Yovanovitch’s ball cushions also crafted by Jouffre in their workshop in NYC. The teams also created a blue banquette with black stripes for the house.

The masterpiece of this house is the master bedroom’s bed. This bed required a considerable amount of work by Jouffre’s designers team. For this piece of furniture, Carol Egan wanted to combine three noble materials: oak, leather and fabric.

The perimeter of the headboard is made of oak and then painted in a white tone which compliments the bedroom’s atmosphere. A concave section, covered by gainage in a Foglizzo leather, was then inserted into this oak frame. In order to make this furniture softer and more comfortable, a third element was positioned in the center of the headboard, with a plush fabric by MM Design Textiles. Each curved element had to be worked individually before all were assembled directly on site by Jouffre. The base on which the bed rests was designed according the same scheme. Platforms are superimposed one on top of the other: the first one in painted oak rests on the floor, the one in the center is covered with gainage leather, and the upper platform, directly in contact with the mattress, is made of fabric.

Finally, Jouffre made a very long floating banquette that is suspended along the walls of the room. Jouffre also created the roman shades for the master bedroom, bathroom and living room.

Carol Egan and Jouffre have successfully managed to create a perfect harmony between the different pieces in the room. The overall serene ambiance is the result of a beautiful synergy between the visionary interior designer Carol Egan and Jouffre’s excellent team of artisans. This project is the combination of Carol Egan’s minimalism spirit and Jouffre’s artisanal processes.

Photos taken by ©Richard Powers

Interior Designer

Carol Egan




Upholstery & Window Treatment