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The Manufacture de Tapis de Bourgogne reinterprets through its know-how a serie of drawings by Elsa Barbillon – Les Rêves / The Dreams into the finest custom carpets.

“Landscape, geology and astronomy are recurring themes in my drawing work. For this collection, four dreams have been mapped – Caldeira, Zephyr, Eclipse and Arroyo. Each dream is above all an invitation to reconnect, to cultivate a sensitive relationship with the world and our daily life.” – Elsa Barbillon

Handtufted in France in wool and silk
Special size and colors upon request

The collection:

Caldeira, Eclipse, Zéphyr, Arroyo

  • Caldeira is a geological formation of volcanic type; an extinct crater often filled with water that corresponds to the subsidence on itself of the volcanic chamber.
  • Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that we all know and that we should avoid watching right in the eyes.
  • Zephyr is the name of a soft and warm westerly / north-westerly wind. I found it interesting to assimilate the vibration of the pencil to a wind which would make the grass of a meadow vibrate by example.
  • Arroyo is the name given to small dry rivers that can swell in the rain. They often create very sinuous and free designs because their bed is not deep.


Elsa Barbillon




Rugs & Carpets