Brass Forever by Par Excellence and Meljac NA

noun \ ˈbras  \

An alloy consisting essentially of copper and zinc in variable proportions.

Prized for its high workability and durability, along with its bright golden color, brass has been used since around the 1st century BCE for various items of societal and decorative value including Roman coinage,
West African casts, and European religious vessels.

Meljac continues this tradition of craftsmanship and beauty in brass through its use as the base material for many of the products in our collection of exquisite electrical hardware.

In a plastic world, brass forever.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event “Brass Forever” honoring our new partner MELJAC North America.

Collection illuminations by Matthieu Lehanneur


Each year, French Architectural Digest magazine organizes “AD Intérieurs” exhibition in Paris, France. This displays of the salon are done by by famous interior designers and young talents in the parisian heritage monument.

With the theme “Rough and Precious”, the exhibition’s 9th edition invites visitors to visit the Hotel de la Bûcherie from September 5th to 23rd and discover the interiors imagined by the 15 interior designers who were selected by the AD magazine editorial board. This year, three of the designers made use of Jouffre savoir-faire.

On the second floor of this parisian historical monument, Hotel de la Bûcherie Mathieu Lehanneur collaborated and invited Par Excellence partners to conceive an immaculate meditation room. For the very first time the French designer entrusted all our partners to fabricate a collection of furniture, which will be soon seen in New York.

Each of our partners has made an incredible contribution

Atelier Première / Ateliers Saint-Jacques
Declercq Passementiers / Jouffre
Lison de Caunes
Manufacture tapis de Bourgogne
Les Marbreries de la Seine / Meljac / Ozone

Designed by Matthieu Lehanneur in collaboration with Par Excellence Collection Illuminations, Copyright: Matthieu Salvaing

"Lay in blue" by Par Excellence

May 22nd

Par Excellence and partners were delighted to announce their spring event called "Lay in blue" on May 22nd from 6pm to 8pm in our showroom in Chelsea. The evening featured cocktails by Pernod Ricard and there was the possibility to schedule an appointment with our partners for further questions or more information. As you can guess by the name, the theme for this event was everything blue. The result was a mix of our partners' pieces, presented in our diverse showroom. 

In addition, our partners gave a design talk at ICFF on May 21st and 22nd from 12pm to 1pm at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The 30th annual ICFF is a platform for global design that maps the newest frontier of what’s best and what’s next.  There were more than 36.000 interior designers, architects, retailers, representatives, distributors, facility managers, developers, manufacturers, store designers, and visual merchandisers. Our partners talked about the following topics at ICFF: what is so special about French design and from fashion to design, is there a French touch? Our present partners there were Ateliers Jouffre, Atelier Premiere NYLa Manufacture de Tapis de Bourgogne and Declercq Passementiers. At ICFF, Manufacture de Tapis de Bourgogne also featured their custom hand-tufted rug called "Let Back", designed by Joran Briand.

"Stereotomy 2.0"

From April 20th until April 29th

On April 20th, Par Excellence hosted the opening of the event "Stereotomy 2.0". The exhibition was in collaboration with NYIT School of Architecture and Design and showed prototypes of stone architecture from ancient stereotomic construction systems to the most modern stone experiments for architecture and interior design.

From April 20th to 29th, Par Excellence exhibited a proposal for constant stress arches constructed from voussoirs (building blocks) that were 3D printed using binder jetting technology. The exhibition was co-edited by Giuseppe Fallacara, associate professor at the Polytechnic of Bari and visiting professor at NYIT. One of the most outstanding pieces was the Lapella stone lounge chair from Zaha Hadid ArchitectsZHA CodeAKT IINew Fundamentals Research Group and Generelli SA. The chair is made out of unique Palissandro
Classico marble and carbon fiber, and is a reinterpretation of the iconic
1963 design by Hans J. Wegner.

"In stone we trust" by Par Excellence

February 6th

On February 6th, Par Excellence organized an event called "In stone we trust" to introduce a new partner who joined our team and the appointment of the new Executive Director, Frédérique Mortier d'Aumont. Les Marbreries de la Seine, the new partner, is specialized in mineral materials. They accompany the greatest interior designers, decorators and designers in the world. They are experts in mineral engineering and respond to the most demanding requests thanks to an exceptional know-how and an unparalleled range of materials with more than 600 references exposed in their 750m² showroom. The company has been specialized in stone and marble for three generations and is a family business. Mario Morvidoni founded the company in 1985 in Pavillons sous Bois and is the father of the current leader, Jean Pascal Morvidoni. With a staff of 25 people, it offers high-end services for both public and private spaces. Les Marbreries de la Seine combines their craftsmanship and their love of matter with the most advanced technologies of modernity. 

Our new Executive Director, Frédérique Mortier d'Aumont, is a French interior architect and designer based in New York City.  Her passion for architecture, people and contemporary art led her to an array of invaluable opportunities in France and in                                                                                                                                                                            the United States. She will bring the same eye to Par Excellence in order to match the                                                                                                                                                                        clients' needs. She believes simplicity, balance and attention to detail within her work                                                                                                                                                                            are fundamental to the success of timelessness and uniqueness design.  

"Démesure" by Par Excellence

From November 5th until February 5th

"Démesure" ("lavishness"), a disproportionate exhibition, has been created for Par Excellence and launched on October, Thursday 5th. This brand new scenography exhibits new pieces designed and realized by our eight talented craftsmen through a collaborative work inspired by Le Corbusier and its Modulor, and by the 432 Park Avenue Tower


Photo credit: François Bisi

Ateliers Vivants

Par Excellence was delighted to host a brand new kind of event at the showroom on May, Thursday 9th. The best designers of the USA attented to meet artisans who have been part of the best French training program "Les Compagnons du Devoir" and awarded for their achievements, such as "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" - Best French craftsmen, "Maitre d'Art" - Master in the Art - and "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" - Living heritage company, three amazing French honors.
Jouffre, Lison de Caunes, Declercq Passementiers, Ateliers Saint Jacques, Atelier Premiere New York, Philippe Hurel and Ozone - the seven partners of Par Excellence let the guests enter their universe and discover the backstage of their creations, as if they travelled to their French workshops. Each partner was represented by a few craftsmen, who came specifically from France to show their techniques and secrets and give the visitors a unique experience. Final pieces were displayed as well, and guests had an exclusive preview of the new arrivals.

Photo credit: Sébastien Vergne

Welcome to Ozone! 

During our last event on March 9th, Par Excellence introduced a brand new stage set, and announced an additional collaboration with Ozone, a lighting designer from Paris. Etienne Gounod and Eric Jähnke - founders of the brand – presented their beautiful and outstanding lightings at the showroom.
Floor lamps, ceiling lights, desk lamps, wall lights – all designed and handmade in Paris – are now available for American customers. Five of them are displayed in the showroom of Par Excellence.

Par Excellence is now representing seven amazing craftsmen serving high-end interior design. During the party, the best interior designers of New-York met our talented partners and had a glimpse of the best handcrafts and French know-how: 

  • Lison de Caunes - Straw marquetry

  • Ateliers Saint-Jacques - Cabinet making, stonecutter, metal and art foundry

  • Declercq Passementiers - Trimmings and fabrics

  • Jouffre - Upholstery & window treatment

  • Atelier Premiere - Decorative painting, plasters and gliding

  • Philippe Hurel - Fine Furniture

  • Ozone - Lighting



For the first time, Par Excellence organized an Art exhibition by showcasing the art items of Maison Parisienne, a French fine art house. Maison Parisienne offers a limited edition of rare objects created with fine materials. The exhibited pieces, designed by three French artists, are displayed in the showroom until until March 31st.

Gérald Vatrin is a glass blower who combines rare know-how and great knowledge of art history. He enhances glass through engravings, pigments and transparency effects.

Isabelle Leclercq is a ceramist who works and lives in Lille. She finds her inspiration in Nature and transforms layers of soil into art objects.

Known as a textile carver for more than 30 years,  Simone Pheulpin crafts strips of cloth (a non-bleached calico) to create harmonious folds, giving it a very unique look. 


Christmas Party and Private Sale

The last event at the showroom on December, 8th has been a good opportunity to celebrate Christmas and the 1st anniversary of the showroom with our partners!

Each of them had created wonderful hand-made decorations to customize our Christmas tree and to show their high-end work down to the smallest decorative pieces.

We were delighted to welcome new partners who joined Par Excellence this fall:  ♦ Atelier Premiere, Decorative painting, Gilding and Plasters                                  ♦ Philippe Hurel, Designer of fine furniture

Interior design, gastronomy and fine wine were gathered to make our guests experience the "art de vivre à la française". What better way to enjoy than tasting caviar and cannelés?  

Pictures of the Photobooth 

Private Sale 

Until Friday, December 23th / Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm

During more than a week, the private sale offers the opportunity to get exceptional pieces of work from our French craftsmen and from the amazing jewelry collection of Laurence Oppermann

As well as furniture and jewelry, it is possible to get the Christmas tree decorations and other decorative objets starting from $15. It is time to come visit the showroom and make your Christmas gifts! 


GIF partners+Oppermann.gif


Jamie Drake at Par Excellence

On September, 29th, Par Excellence has hosted an event dedicated to "American Design & French Craftsmenship". 

Par Excellence has been really delighted to welcome Jamie Drake from DRAKE/ANDERSON who came to discuss with Lison de Caunes (artisan in Straw marquetry) about the american design market. What are the expectations of American customers ? Do American designers work more with European or American craftsmen ? How french artisans should attract designers ? Is it necessary for french artisans who want to work in the US to have workshop here ? Many different questions that Karen Marx, Executive Director of Home Furnishings for Elle Decor, has asked to Lison de Caunes and Jamie Drake. 

Also the occasion to present our new partner Ateliers Saint Jacques who joined Par Excellence this summer. You can now discover their amazing work of wood, stone, metal, iron and foundry in the showroom. 

For the other partners (Lison de Caunes, Declercq Passementiers and Jouffre), it was a good opportunity to present their first common piece designed by Lally&Berger, the "Mégalithes Méridienne" and its side table. (photo on the left)

The talk has been followed by an informal sharing time between craftsmen and designers who were able to enjoy french wine and cheese.