At Par Excellence, we proudly uphold the essence of French craftsmanship and expertise at its finest. It is with great excitement that we introduce our latest addition – the esteemed embroidery and textile artwork expert: Atelier Lebuisson. With a unique savoir-faire in the realm of custom textile finishing, Atelier Lebuisson has become a reference of craftsmanship and creativity. Mastering diverse techniques like painting textiles and hyper-textured applications, Atelier Lebuisson pushes its craft limits, infusing its creations with endless possibilities. Its impressive portfolio includes iconic names such as Dior, Dior Métiers d’Excellence, Celine, Delvaux, Armani Privé, Fendi…

Par Excellence is honored to have you among its artisans of excellence! What do you believe the impact of this will be on Atelier Lebuisson?

Becoming a member of Par Excellence is an extraordinary achievement, representing not only a significant reward but also a truly unique opportunity. It allows us to proudly showcase our exceptional French savoir-faire to a wider audience, further enhancing our reputation and impact.

During our visit to your workshops, we were impressed by the level of creativity evident in your creations. Could you provide more insights into your expertise and share your sources of inspiration?

Atelier Lebuisson is an embroidery and textile workshop specializing in the creation of textile art. Atelier Lebuisson cultivates a distinctive style of embroidery that revolves around the manipulation of materials, painting, and textile craftsmanship. The primary goal is to maintain a delicate balance between tradition and modernity. Our inspiration draws heavily from design, the works of artists, as well as our own desires and the emotions we derive from the world around us.

Can you please tell us more about the workshop located in Paris?

We are located in Paris, just a short walk from the Place de la Bastille, a historic district known for its diverse craftsmanship. The first floor is dedicated to the creation and production on embroidery looms, while the second floor houses our meticulously organized archives in the showroom.

What sets Atelier Lebuisson apart in the world of custom textile finishing?

It’s our unwavering commitment to creative vision and our relentless passion for innovation and experimentation in the development of modern textile works.

Atelier Lebuisson has worked with prestigious Houses. Could you share some memorable moments or projects that stand out in your career?

The first significant project is always a memorable one. For this occasion, we crafted a collection of embroidered tarot cards, a full-scale tarot card deck. This unexpected embroidery collection served as the primary inspiration for Dior’s new artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, who chose it as the central theme for her runway show.

How do you approach the creative process when working on a new project?

We follow a methodical and exploratory creative process. It begins with thorough research to gather inspiration from various visual sources. We then create a moodboard to capture the desired aesthetic.

Selecting suitable materials is crucial, as it contributes to the project’s uniqueness. After material selection, we move on to preliminary sketches to translate ideas into concrete designs. We also conduct technical trials to experiment and refine the necessary techniques for project execution. Throughout this process, our creative team collaborates to ensure the final result aligns with our vision and project requirements.

What are the materials or techniques that currently captivate your team the most?

Currently, our team is most passionate about working with materials such as bio-plastics, high-quality natural or recycled fibers, and the exploration of textured and non-textured painting techniques.

Could you shed light on the significance of French savoir-faire in your work, and how it contributes to the uniqueness of Atelier Lebuisson?

Hand embroidery, a time-honored skill, has been an integral part of our heritage for centuries. The craftsmanship we defend represents a contemporary creation crafted in France, where innovation allows us to seamlessly blend the richness of tradition with the vibrancy of modernity.

Can you tell us more about Atelier Lebuisson’s diversification into interior design and what it means for the company?

Atelier Lebuisson’s expansion into interior design stems from our strong fashion background. This experience drives us to constantly innovate in graphic design and materials. We now offer textile creations and enhancements that seamlessly fit into interior decoration and design. This diversification allows us to bring our unique sense of aesthetics and quality to the world of interior design.

The world of textiles and design is constantly evolving. How does Atelier Lebuisson stay ahead of trends and maintain a reputation for excellence?

Trends and excellence are far from being contradictory. I would prefer to describe trends as innovations, as they breathe new life into our craftsmanship and infuse it with dynamism. Excellence is an absolute necessity for the long-term viability of artisanal professions, ensuring their lasting presence and vitality.

What do you envision for the future of Atelier Lebuisson in terms of new projects, collaboration?

In terms of future plans, Atelier Lebuisson is considering the development of decorative panels and collaborating with other artisans of the Par Excellence collective.

We also have plans to partner with designers to create unique furniture pieces. Our focus is on combining creativity and craftsmanship to bring innovation to the realms of decoration and furniture.

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