Leather Work

Ateliers Fey's Legacy

Ateliers Fey embodies both a family craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence. Since 1910, the Fey family has proudly practiced the art of leather craftsmanship, carefully passing down this precious expertise onto the next generations.

Today, Christophe Fey is proud to create unique and bespoke leather pieces with passion and precision. Always evolving with new trends, Ateliers Fey keeps reinventing its craft, using innovative manufacturing processes to create exceptional decorations, bridging tradition and modernity.


Ateliers Fey’s abilities go beyond craftsmanship, providing clients with a truly personalized experience.
The workshop’s specialization in bespoke leather creations shines through in their meticulous selection of premium materials and a wide range of unique leathers, including exotic options like ostrich, snake, salmon, shagreen and crocodile tailored to meet the needs of the most ambitious projects. They also excel in delivering exceptional leather finishes, such as embroidery and gilding, adding a distinctive touch to their creations. From floor to ceiling, alongside furniture design and restoration, each creation reflects their dedication to preserving the integrity of the craft and their ability to adapt to every project, ultimately turning leather into works of art.

The Ateliers’ leatherworkers master a skillset recognized by the prestigious Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, awarded by the French government.

The Art of Leather Sheathing

Ateliers Fey works with any type of soft material, but the Ateliers’ specialty lies in the art of manipulating leather. This naturally beautiful and elegant material is characterized by a unique texture and feel.

The workshop collaborates exclusively with trusted tanners renowned for their quality. Upon arrival at the workshop, each batch is meticulously inspected to ensure it meets the quality standards. This selection marks the first step of a process in which respect for the material and attention to detail are crucial.

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