"Démesure" by Par Excellence

“Démesure” (“lavishness”), from November 5t until February 5th is a disproportionate exhibition created for Par Excellence. This brand new scenography exhibits new pieces designed and realized by our eight talented craftsmen through a collaborative work inspired by Le Corbusier and its Modulor, and by the 432 Park Avenue Tower!

From the infinitely large to the infinitely tiny, human beings always perceived the universe using their very own size/dimension. Le Corbusier even used the human size as a measurement standard for his study of “inhabiting”. But how is it possible to inhabit the lavishness of cities, of architectures, of dreams?

Every day, the craftsmen represented by Par Excellence have to deal with the lavishness of the projects they work for such as the 432 Park Ave tower or even with the craft they practice.  Thus, each piece of work reflects the great architecture in New York and lets us experience the “Démesure”.