Embroidery & Textile Artwork

The Embroidery Workshop

From its inception two decades ago, Atelier Lebuisson, founded and led by Delphine Nobili, has been a prominent name in the world of embroidery. Nestled in the heart of Paris, Atelier Lebuisson is a creative haven where a dynamic team of textile enthusiasts crafts masterpieces. Their unwavering focus on creativity and technical expertise underpins a comprehensive suite of services that encompasses research, design, and production. This commitment to excellence positions them as the perfect choice for luxury brands and ambitious interior design projects. Explore the artistry behind their textile finishing and witness how they transform fabrics into unique, tailor-made creations.


Atelier Lebuisson is the epicenter of innovation. They manage research, sample creation, collection prototypes, and individual piece production, translating textile designs into graphic and technical forms with unwavering passion for each project. Meanwhile, the Production Monitoring Office oversees every aspect of order processing, ensuring precision and quality. Their exceptional expertise in embroidering pieces of varying quantities is tailor-made to meet the exacting demands of luxury brands, all accomplished within remarkably reduced lead times. Delphine Nobili, who also is the Director of the Design Studio plays a pivotal role in ensuring the creative excellence that sets Atelier Lebuisson apart.


Renowned for their exquisite embroidery work, Atelier Lebuisson has proudly collaborated with some of the most illustrious names in the luxury industry. Their extensive list of esteemed references includes the likes of LVMH, Celine, Fendi, Delvaux, Armani privé and many more.

What truly sets them apart is their ability to adapt their creative prowess to cater to the diverse needs of each project. While they have an illustrious history in fashion, their dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design makes them equally suited to ventures beyond the world of couture, including interior design projects of the highest standards.

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