Decorative Painting


The Ateliers de Ricou, created in 1989, is the meeting of two know-how: the creation of painted decorations and the restoration of paintings and sculptures for the French and International Historical Monuments. From this confrontation arises the need to keep the decor consistent with the architecture.This credo of staying as straight as possible in the spirit of the places has taken shape over the years, from Classicism to modernity.

The founders, Cyril and Stéphanie de Ricou, have benefited from the teaching of two personalities from the world of art, true mentors in their fields of knowledge, Michel Bourbon and M-L de C, restorers of works of art, and Lila de Nobili, theatre decorator. Endowed with this precious baggage and an experience that is enriched over the years, Cyril and Stéphanie animate a team of very sharp specialists where everyone develops his talents. Welded by the many joint projects, the team works in confidence and knows how to take over the most complex sites, both technically and in the organization.



The Ricou Workshops are specialized in the restoration of classical wall decorations: from the Palace of Versailles to the Hotel Lutetia, to the cultural services of the French Embassy in New York. To this end, they master different skills such as gypsery, gilding, or other old techniques.


The Ricou Workshops are also specialized in the creation of wall decorations. They play with materials and colors to create great sets for customers in France and abroad.

They do decorative painting for penthouses, villas, duplexes or headquarters in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and Switzerland.

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