Home Automation


A family affair

In 1961, Henri Sherman started working as a self-employed electrician. The care he put into his work and the service he gave his clients made his small company grow and he started to hire some fellow workers.

His son, Lionel, entered the company in 1982. He worked for about ten years as an electrician to forge his field experience before running the company. His proven track record combined with the high expertise of his employees pushed the company to enter the premium market. With the idea of offering more services to his clients, Lionel went to the U.S. where the first home technologies were emerging, and became the first importer in France.

Michael, his son, joined HENRI in 2010 as project manager. He quickly became Technical Director and brought the company improved work methods to handle more complex and ambitious projects.

Respectively President and CEO, Lionel and Michael run and develop the company with passion, embodying “Monsieur HENRI” ’s values.


Excellence, Elegance & Simplicity

HENRI integrates intelligent technologies designed to enhance interiors and offer wellness and comfort in daily life. Specialized in high-end projects, HENRI support its clients with an exclusive know-how and tailor-made follow-up of their projects : design, installation, programming and maintenance

More than a technological solution, HENRI advocates a true “art de vivre” by proposing advanced technologies that are simple to use and in perfect harmony with the interior design. Simplified management of screens and music, coordination of interior lighting with natural light, temperature and access control… the clients’ wellness and comfort are part the Maison’s DNA.

From high-end residential projects to luxury hotels and retail boutiques, HENRI combines advanced technologies with a taste for beauty. Every solution and every detail are designed to blend in with the décor while ensuring simplicity of use: invisible speakers, customizable keypad, lighting scenarios.


Rewarded expertise

Delivering a quality service is one thing, making it certified is another. Historically, Henri company has always attached great importance to both aspects.

Demanding and committed, the HENRI teams innovate and reinvent themselves every day to offer customized service and premium quality. Engineers, technicians and programmers, supervised by a project manager, are dedicated to each project and follow it through to completion.

HENRI’s specific know-how and expertise is today recognized both by the loyalty of its clients but also by industry players with several awards in France and internationally. ISO9001 certified, HENRI validates every year its work methods and the quality of its organization.


The art of the invisible

For more than 60 years, the HENRI company has been working with big names in architecture, luxury hotels and prestigious brands. But perfectly home integrated technologies as HENRI is excelling in, are truly the art of the invisible, paying homage to the décor and simplifying daily life.

It is thus difficult to perceive their work through photographs. 

The loyalty of their clients is today the best proof of their know-how. For instance, they have collaborated with Cheval Blanc on three of their 5* hotels : Paris, Saint Tropez and Courchevel.

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