Contemporary Lighting

Specialized in lighting design, Ozone responds to a range of commissions from architects and clients, working with pieces from their collection, developing custom installations and offering light-consultant services. Since February 2017 Ozone is one of our partner and we are happy having them on board.

No matter if chandelier, ceiling- , wall- , suspension- , table- or floor-lamp, every piece is created by Ozone with an eye for detail and in a very modern and contemporary style. The products convince with their simple and outstanding design as well as they do with their functionality in every situation. Ozone combines intention and design on a whole new level in order to make the most out of every space by not only thinking what looks the best but also what shape and which kind of light is the best for every single room they want to illuminate.

Founder and Leadership

Eric Jähnke & Etienne Gounot

Eric Jähnke and Etienne Gounot have been co-founders and designers of Ozone since 2000. We did an interview with both in the very first beginning of our collaboration, and this is quick look how it went:

Can you give us a roadmap of how you found your way to this career? 
We had been friends and work colleagues for a few years. We wanted to start a business together and associate our industrial first step to a creative approach. Plus light is magical! 

What were the biggest contributors to your learning? 
Meeting with craftsmen and interior designers has been very enriching. We were complete beginners, with both our skills and our professional network. Craftsmen and interior designers are passionate people who take the time to listen and pass on their knowledge despite their busy schedule.

How long does it take for someone to really build some confidence in this craft? 
It requires at least 10 years to develop esthetic, conceptual and technical sensibility and skills of lighting and light making.

What is your advice for learning how to become skilled in their craft? 
There is no real school in this field. You have to take the plunge for real and learn.

To what or who do you owe your success? 
We do not know if we can speak of success, because success can be relative and short-lived. We try to last in the long term by enhancing our models each year. The changes might be imperceptible, but contribute to catch the eye of the enthusiast. Although the shapes we design are sleek and geometrical, we commit to make them more beautiful and couple the latest technologies with the past. The seniority of artists matters in this field as the truth of know-how and consistency. We actively collaborate with the Cristallerie Saint-Louis, which was founded in 1586 and we currently light the new store of the Monnaie de Paris, which has existed since 864.

The whole interview and questions like “What is your mantra” you can find in our news section.