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Les Ateliers Saint-Jacques is a French company of high skilled craftsmen divided in four workshops: metal work and wrought iron, joinery and cabinet making, stone cutting and marble work, art foundry and sculpture restoration. They work hand in hand to provide to architects, interior designers, designers and artists the solutions they need.

It was the “Compagnons du Devoir” who urged the establishment of the master workshops to produce works of the highest technical standard for clients both in France and abroad.

Starting with their wealth of traditional skills, the workshops are constantly evolving in response to advances in technology: an important part of their effort is devoted to the training of skilled artisans.

Each workshop has its research department, a study group with its own director who, together with a team of master craftsmen, prepare the projects and create works of art using both traditional and modern techniques.


Metal Work and Wrought Iron

The metalworking enjoys an international reputation for the realization of exceptional work. This workshop of Ateliers Saint-Jacques restore all kinds of metal works, related to building, layout, decoration, furniture or sculpture. Mastering both old techniques and avant-garde techniques, they intervene indifferently on the ancient heritage or on contemporary buildings. Besides metals such as iron, steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper or brass, they sometimes even use more rare metals such as titanium.

Stone cutting and Marble work

The stone cutting workshop is able to meet all needs of its clients, such as decorating architects, private companies, public institutions or individual pieces. From the sketch of the project to the final installation of the work, as every part of Ateliers Saint-Jacques they care about being in contact with their clients to make sure their pieces fit the expectations, whether its about very contemporary creations or restoration of old pieces.

Joinery and Cabinet making

The carpentry of Ateliers Saint-Jacques is known for their high quality wood work. They design, create and install their work of traditional or contemporary style, in which all woodworking techniques are implemented. Their work consists not only the creation of custom wood fittings but also the restoration of historic buildings requiring a high level of technical expertise.

Art foundry and Sculpture renovation

Founded in 1963, the “Fonderie de Coubertin”, which is now as well a workshop of Ateliers Saint-Jacques offers sculptors the opportunity to perform real creativity during the realization of their works, surrounded and accompanied by a team of high-level professionals. The quality of execution and the desire for perfection, but also the ability for costumers and sculptors to watch and listen, makes the foundry a very special separate workshop. Part of their work is not only the restoration of lead, copper or bronze but also the creation out of zinc and steel.

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