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Tailor-made arrangements

Both architects and designers, the Bismut brothers Daniel and Michel, design and conceive buildings, interiors and tailor-made furniture. The volumes are crafted and worked taking into account the shapes, the materials and the lighting. The set-up is filled with an endless number of details which purpose is to enhance the arrangements to grasp surprised and amazed gaze. The result is striking; their projects perfectly reflect the elegant lifestyle of the occupants.


Tailor-made interiors

The intimate room signed Bismut&Bismut caused a sensation during the 10th edition of AD Interiors by its elegance and the richness of its details. The latter reflected in this respect the vision of interiors, with the perfect proportions of the two architect brothers. The volumes were thus punctuated by the flowing lines that animated each space. As a bonus, lines of light sublimate the play of contrasts between subtle colors and textured materials. The furniture created by the duo further reinforced this feeling of harmony. The perfect balance still stopped the visitor’s gaze. Far from being flashy, the luxury modeled by designer architects is displayed over multiple details. An offset of the edges of a marble piece or the slightly rounded corners of a wall facing created as many surprise effects. At the end of the day, the spirit of an elegant architecture to live, signature of Daniel and Michel Bismut.

Architectural elegance as a legacy

With a grandfather and a father, talented decorators, it is not surprising that Daniel and Michel Bismut also put themselves at the service of exceptional interiors. After their studies in architecture, the two brothers immediately created their architectural agency in the late 1980s. Their project for the New York store Charles Kammer inaugurates a succession of achievements for boutiques and luxury residential. Designed according to the values of the resident and his lifestyle, each project is accompanied by furniture created with four hands. These unique pieces of furniture are made in collaboration with French craftsmen around exceptional materials. Among the agency’s projects, a new building facing the Eiffel Tower dedicated to connected offices but also luxury apartments without counting new commercial spaces in France and abroad.


Light at the service of matter

The Bismut duo apply a vision of contemporary architecture with perfect respect for proportions and correctness of purpose. This skilful balance is also carried out with finesse around the creation of furniture and accessories. The furniture is thus transcended by the effects of textured material. Each project reveals a set of finishes around materials such as canvas, wood or leather. In the end, these are all details that tell in a personalized way the interior of its resident. Everything is always arranged under the angle of light which reveals the effects of matter and the lines of leakage that animate each of the rooms. Ultimately, a feeling of peaceful comfort in spaces that live happily and elegantly.

©Bruno Klein