The interior designers Jessica Barouch, owner of JAG Gallery in Paris, and Francesco Balzano designed the new Damyel Store, setting a chocolate store vision of pureness and calmness. 

The decor unveils the elegance of Damyel chocolates through nobles materials. 

Les Ateliers Saint-Jacques made the carpentry and bar layout, making each alcoves or fluting eyecatching details and a perfect match with the ivory lime covered walls.

The sobriety and neutrality of the space contrast with the usual chocolate stores design, and is kind of an invitation to contemplation. And to savor delicate chocolates afterwards obviously.

Founded in 1988 by a passionate family, Damyel offers fruity chocolates with lime zest, grand cru ganaches, macaroons and praline truffles, all 100% vegan and artisanal.

Fine crafted chocolates with the most unique flavors and minimalist aesthetic crafted furniture, that’s a combination that we shall all embrace.

© Annick Vernimmen