An article by Signatures Singulières

Signatures Singulières magazine is passionate about great talents, so we were struck by the painter Yoann Merienne who definitely does not lack any talent …

Born in 1987 in Sallanches, Yoann Merienne now lives and works in Lyon. He started to paint at an early age and at the age of 13 he received the gold medal in the Wallonia International Artistic Competition. He graduated from Industrial Design in 2009, and then left to Australia for a year, from which he returned determined to devote himself to painting. His sense of detail, the intensity of his drawing, the play of light and shadow are some of his strong characteristics.

Yoann Mersenne’s universe

His universe is populated by warriors, knights, nomads but also explorers. They come back to life in shades of gray, for a disturbing and silent face to face. Yoann Merienne’s characters have the sculptural strength of great fighters, modern heroes, survivors from elsewhere and another time. They convey an impression of wisdom and silence.

Yoann Merienne’s characters are storytellers; they tell a story and an experience and Yoann Merienne is an explorer. It feeds on dreams, strange worlds and myths. Whatever form you choose, the painter takes the same contemplative look at the world and men. An invitation through its timeless heroes to meditate on the meaning of life. Yoann Merienne’s works are permanently displayed at Galerie Bayart.

Galerie Bayart

17, rue des Beaux-Arts

75006 Paris

Tél. : +33 (0)9 83 30 60 55