An article by Signatures Singulières

Founder of the ALM Deco workshop, Mireille Herbst is a reference in the Lacquer Art. She revives antique furniture,  collaborates with designers around the conception of contemporary works and creates also her own decorative pieces.

Mireille Herbst awoke wonder and amazement at the Revelations International Fine Craft and Creation Biennal  with her new lacquer panels creation inspired by the seductive parade of the majestic peacock: to do so, Mireille Herbst created three lacquers oscillating between green, copper and black, allowing to reveal the shimmering nuances of the plumage. The brilliant colors enliven the stylized peacock feathers, ready to fly under the glass roof of the Grand Palais. 

A lacquer passion

Lacquer and its endless light fluctuations have always been Mireille Herbst’s passion. After studying graphic arts, she began her apprenticeship as a lacquerer and joined the historic and prestigious house Saïn et Tambuté to perfect her mastery. After a successful know-how transfer, Mireille Herbst took over the reins of the house and then created her own workshop. For 20 years, ALM Deco has ruled the finishing fine art furniture area using lacquer, varnish and gold leaf. Collaboration with decorators, institutions and designers in search of excellence have lead to the creation of exceptional pieces such as the unique piece Ara (macaw in english) inspired by the blue plumage of the bird, crafted by Mireille Herbst and designed by Grégoire de Lafforest.

Recognition of an exceptional know-how

ALM Deco was recognized Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant in 2017, a prestigious state label that usually distinguishes a French company with a rare know-how, inherited from traditional technique. Lacquer art has become a family affair. Mireille Herbst’s daughter works today alongside the craftswoman to combine the love of lacquer and the excellence of traditional techniques. 

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