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Surrounded by amethyst, rock crystal, Tuscan paesine, jade, Armenian obsidian etc. Hervé Obligi exercises a rare profession where the mineral world serves as raw material. Signatures Singulières had the pleasure of meeting this artist of immense talent in his studio in Montreuil.

“Horizon” table in rock crystal marquetry. Tuscan peas and gold leaf, assembled on a glass tray. Oxidized steel base. Diameter 98 cm x height 76 cm. Hervé Obligi.

Art and technique

Both craftsman and artist, he works with stone in his workshop in Montreuil. Born in Champagne, this cabinetmaker by training began by working in marquetry and wood carving. But over time, he became a specialist in the cutting of hard stones. In addition, his talents in this area are numerous.
On the one hand, he restores 18th century objects for the Palace of Versailles and the Louvre. On the other, he responds to orders from the Orsay quay and French embassies (New York, Washington, Geneva ONU, London, Moscow, Beirut, etc.).
Most recently, he set about restoring the pavements of the Hotel de la Paiva in Paris. In addition, Hervé Obligi creates unique pieces like these hard stone decorative panels for the French Embassy in Gabon. He also works with big names in jewelry, clocks for Cartier and watches for Piaget.

Large round mineral table in marble stone from Buxy (gray / blue) and Lapis Lazuli. Hervé Obligi.

A vast creative universe

Among Hervé Obligi’s creations, there are precious watch faces but also extraordinary fountain pens designed as real sculptures. Or a table made of rock crystal, Tuscan paesine and gold or in Lapis Lazuli and marble stone from Buxy. In addition, many mysterious creations are added to the already long list of his achievements. Without forgetting his participation in a number of works with international decorators and antique dealers! Finally, he exhibits in many countries and since 2016 he has been represented in New York by the Maison Gérard gallery.

Mechanized slate base and rock crystal which opens and reveals an iron-eyed column where the “Golden Calf” fountain pen is placed. The column opens on a writing object. Hervé Obligi.

A unique and ancestral know-how

This art of engraving on hard, precious or fine stones with nuances and unique properties, is called glyptics. This includes the size, and the hollow sculpture (intaglio) or relief (cameo). Glyptic know-how is recognized in France by its inclusion in the inventory of intangible cultural heritage. For this reason, appointed Master of Art in 2015, title awarded for life, Hervé Obligi will notably have the mission of transmitting the excellence of his knowledge and skills to a student of his choice.

Hervé Obligi  

25, Jean Moulin Street

93100 Montreuil

Tél. : +33 (0)1 48 57 17 54