Par Excellence met French designer Isabelle Stanislas at The Salon Art+Design. An opportunity to ask her some questions about her work, current projects, and inspirations. Interview.

Par Excellence – What made you become an interior designer? 

Isabelle – I was sixteen when I visited the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design located in Jerusalem, Israel. I saw the creative energy of this place and I knew I wanted to be part of it, to live this emotion!

Par Excellence – What is your philosophy of interior design? 

Isabelle – My interior design is not dissociable from architecture. The functional aspect of my projects guides my interior design in terms of light, volumes and materials. To me, interior design is the reflect of souls. 

Par Excellence – What are your current projects? 

Isabelle – My work is multidisciplinary. I mainly design private residences. I finished a house in Comporta, Portugal, and another in Senegal. I also created a furniture collection. And now, I would like to orient myself towards architectural landscape. 

Par Excellence – In one word, what would be your dream project ? 

Isabelle – I would love to design a foundation after having created the concept of it! 

Par Excellence – What place does craftsmanship occupy in your work ? 

Isabelle – The Artisans guide my work, at every step of the process of design. They help me to go beyond my limits and the limits of the material. Above all, they are sincere and honest. They are at the basis of the beauty we convey.