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Atelier Jardins, tailor-made landscaping projects

From his earliest childhood, Christian Préaud has devoted a passion to the gardens that has never been denied. If he took some liberties with his lifelong vocation, today the creation of gardens – through his agency Atelier Jardins – is the priority of his life.

The journey of a garden designer

Born in Paris, Christian Préaud spent his childhood in Morocco and his adolescence in boarding school in the Alps. During the summer, the future landscape architect spends his holidays in Brittany between Carnac and Dinard, at his grandmother’s. Her garden gives birth to his passion for plants, observation of nature and working the land. But we will come to it later. Because Christian Préaud then pursued architecture studies at ESA Paris.

Then his life took several turns since he was consecutively a decorator, production assistant and producer of advertising films for fifteen years. However, the reminiscences of the happiness felt in the garden, pushed him to immerse himself more intimately in this very particular universe. Consequently, Christian Préaud then resumed his way to school and entered the National School of Landscape of Versailles. And in 2004, he created Atelier Jardins dedicated to residential and hotel projects. Exceptional gardens then hatched around the world.

An exterior architect

If the main activity of the Atelier Jardins agency is the architecture of gardens, it intervenes more and more regularly on buildings. And this, in renovation or in design ex nihilo. Indeed, for Christian Préaud, “The garden is not just a nice piece of land on which the house is built. It is above all the exterior extension of the interior space and, like any inhabited space, this garden has a function. To this function corresponds a form, it is the architecture of the place. “And the designer continues:” The use of evergreens is essential for the structure, so that the architecture of the garden is legible at all seasons.

“The garden is not just a nice piece of land on which the house is built. It is above all the exterior extension of the interior space “


Perennials and annuals then set the scene which unfolds and changes with the seasons. As for colors,” I like the monochrome masses, a lot of white and blue. And then water, in whatever form, but always present.” Today, Atelier Jardins’ projects are spread across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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