Finding the motivation for an efficient and productive work day at home can be tough sometimes. But perhaps you should start by carving out a dedicated and comfy workspace in your home! Indeed, the design of the space should inspire creativity, motivation and help you get things done. From color combinations to natural light, you can change some elements to make a nice and positive space for your working days at home.

  • The lighting & colors

Look for windows! Natural light is essential for your brain and your mental health! Set up your desk next to a window and choose nice curtains to control how much light filters through the window throughout the day. In general try to find a way to lighten your space by choosing an area with light shade walls. Even though neutral colors are better for concentrating, add some colorful shade to boost your creativity!

  • The materials

Try to favor natural materials such as wooden tables and desks because they convey a sense of tranquility and connect you with nature. Add some plants and flowers as well. If you doubt it, check our article on why biophilic designs matter! 

  • The furniture

Choose your furniture well, nice chairs, nice desks, nice lamps, those are the key to productivity!

The lamp is Untitled S by Ozone, check out their work here!