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Bruno Mallart, alumni of the French school of art direction and interior architecture, Penninghen, wears several artistic caps. He has worked as an illustrator for renowned magazines such as Courrier International, Le Monde, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal… Today he lives and works in the Yvelines, in the countryside near Paris. Bruno Mallart also lives in a world of his own, made up of situations and characters as far-fetched as they are funny, scripted in original digital creations.

"Dürer chez l’occuliste » (« Dürer at the occultist»). 22 x 22 cm - Black stone on coated wood.
Diptych « La possibilité d’une Guéville » (« The possibility of a Guéville »). 22 x 82 cm. Black stone on coated wood. (model for a diptych of 368 x 104 cm same technique).

Digital technology in support of creation

At the end of the day, Bruno Mallart is both a draftsman, illustrator, painter, sculptor and… digital artist! Indeed, he exercices his imagination and his fantasy though the computer. Although he acknowledges that the computer’s pencil stroke is not as rich as an original brush or pencil, he willingly uses this new means of artistic conception to go further in his creations. He starts from a traditional method, by working with a pencil, gouache, watercolor or photography. Then he uses the machine and its infinite possibilities to enlarge the initial work, to add a drawing, a picture or a collage, to modify the image.

"Pavane". Editions of 8.
"El cant dels ocelles". Unique piece.
Eiffel Tower : « La Dame de Fer » (« The Iron Lady ») - « Un phare dans la nuit » (« A lighthouse in the night ») - « Fer-West ». Large original digital pictures pasted under Diasec. Editions of 8. 2019/2020.

Surprise and absurdity

The supports for his extravagant scenes are diverse and varied: boxes, boards, objects and furniture (consoles and coffee tables). In his creations, wheels, moving objects, mechanics and animals are recurrent. Bruno Mallart likes them round and massive like the turtle, the rhino, the elephant or the pig. He can’t help but add wheels and change the original head of the animal. Moreover, the artist admits that he is always on the lookout for new strange objects that could be used in his collages. His friends know this and turn into inspiring objects seekers when they go to flea markets.

Left: "La Comparsita". Right: Soldier of Lead. Unique pieces.
« Cyclopes » (« Cyclops »). Unique pieces.
« Le roi des jeux et le jeu des rois » (« The king of games and the game of kings »). 60 x 60 x 50 cm. Coffee table in patinated steel with work included under tempered glass, editions of 20.
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