Our mission

Par Excellence is a showroom in NYC presenting the finest French craftsmen and their exceptional know-how.

Founded in 2016 by Charles Jouffre, Par Excellence is the ambassador of french savoir-faire in New York and aim at spreading the world with luxury craft by collaborating with some of France’s most skilled craftspeople and talented designers.

We present every material and product of our partners in our showroom to give you the very best impression of how your next design our room can look and feel like, whether you are a professional designer or a private customer.

Our team

Charles Jouffre


A man with a passion, Charles Jouffre has exercised his profession for more than 40 years. After his apprenticeship in 1976, and fine-arts evening classes in Saint-Etienne, Jouffre toured France in 1978, training with craftsmen in the “Companions of the Tour of France” network. Charles Jouffre conceives of the upholsterer’s profession as “a fine craft that is part of a cultural heritage – a legacy that should be further enhanced and passed on to future generations.” Besides drawing on centuries-old history, the upholsterer’s profession owes its long success to its adaptability : it employs new techniques and materials, as well as modern and innovative fabrics.

Guillaume Bouchez

Managing Partner

Guillaume Bouchez has been working on an international canvas for the last 15 years, developing business opportunities across the US and Europe for global enterprises in event management, hospitality and mass media.

Born and raised in a traditional Paris family and the last of four children, Guillaume likes to call himself a self-made man. After specializing in sales and marketing, he deliberately travelled far and wide to broaden his mind and learn how to adapt enthusiastically into widely differing environments.

His experiences embrace organizing exclusive events on the French Riviera for a world-renowned private chef, developing digital exhibits for one of the leading event companies, creating customized campaigns and brand content for media giant CBS, to launching a flagship European restaurant for a major hospitality group. All his achievements contain the common element of his lifelong love of artistic expression – from music and painting to film production and photography – which he continually renews by applying any time off to go trekking around the globe. When recently he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, he also used the chance to explore meditation through vipassana in Asia. And even at home, downtime is a constant kaleidoscope of friends, cooking and creating his own art.

Laetitia Dominguez


Born in Madrid, raised between France, Spain and Belgium and travelling around the globe since a very early age, she could learn how to adapt to different environments and develop her curiosity in discovering new places, cultures and people.

She considers herself as a lover of aesthetics and all forms of arts as an expression of creativity. She paints, sings and dances since a very early age, which helps her to express herself.

When it comes to work, she is highly professional and dynamic. She truly enjoys exploring new ideas and is always driven by love of a job well done and always tries to keep her commitments to her team and her customers.

She studied a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Management and then integrated one of the top French Business Schools to specialize in luxury sales & marketing. She has completed her knowledge with experiences in sales and marketing positions in luxury global companies such as LVMH and Puig. She worked in different sectors such as fashion, cosmetics and fragrances industries in France, Central America and in the United States.

Agathe Peigney

Marketing and Communication

Agathe is currently responsible for every kind of Digital Marketing and Communication Management. In France, she is doing her Double Master Degree at emlyon Business School and Sciences Po (International and Cultural Affairs), which both helps her understand the world of enterprise and the cultural challenges of our time. Before that, she completed two years of literary preparatory class with a specialization in History, where she developed a high interest for the French patrimoine. She is fund of Arts and Design: Graduated from the Paris Louvre’s workshops, she also studied at the Louvre’s Decorative Arts School in Paris.

Agathe is part of Par Excellence since June 2019 and will stay until the end of December 2019.

Camille Dubourdieu-Rayrot

Marketing and Communication

After 2 years of economics preparation school, Camille has integrated the Emlyon Business school in a Master of Management. She has always been passionate about creative industries, and more particularly that of fashion. Having begun her training within summer schools offered by the French Institute of Fashion, Camille’s deep interest for art and design has been maintained. More recently, following her visit of our partners’ workshops, Camille discovered her passion for the French excellence in crafsmanship and joined our NY team to promote the high-end know-how « à la française »