Upholstery & Window Treatment

Jouffre History

Renowned worldwide, Jouffre is specialized in high-class upholstery, both traditional and contemporary. The same passion has driven Charles Jouffre and his teams for more than 30 years. They respect age-old savoir-faire in order to serve demanding international clients. With workshops in Lyon and New York, but also showrooms in Paris and central Manhattan, the firm works for designers worldwide but also for hotel proprietors, public agencies and individuals.

In 2006, Jouffre was one of the first French companies to be awarded the prestigious “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label of excellence.

French Savoir-Faire

Jouffre’s workshops stand for extensive ancestral savoir-faire and virtuoso technical prowess devoted to creativity. Their extremely exacting standards of meticulous perfectionism have developed and evolved constantly since the adventure began. Whether it is furnishing, window treatment, wall-upholstery & gainage or even fitting and installation, Jouffre always does it’s best in every single step.


At Jouffre, an understanding of art history is melded with respect for lines and proportions. Each upholsterer possesses equal mastery of traditional and contemporary techniques, and treats sofas and chairs with the utmost care.

Whether restoring a period chair or finishing a contemporary design, each detail is preciously highlighted, with comfort that is ever more advanced, subtle, and resistant – and, at all times, wholly in keeping with the sketch supplied by the interior designer or product designer.

Wall-upholstery and Gainage

Gainage is a specific technique developed by Jouffre, and today recognized worldwide. This finish, which consists of covering furniture (wardrobes, beds, chairs…) or any type of molding (cornices, casings, picture rails, clear paneling…), is increasingly in demand. It emphasizes forms and the most sophisticated cabinetry detailing, be it traditional and contemporary. Jouffre’s upholsterers devote all their passion to crafting the most ambitious gainages – in linen, alcantara, silk velvet, or leather.

Window treatment

From virtuoso reception rooms at the Élysée Palace to the main foyer of the Paris Opera House, Jouffre helps to sustain the sense of wonder stirred by the mythical buildings of the Second Empire. The company works closely with the finest interior designers, alongside whom they develop the most improbable décors, whether eighteenth century, nineteenth century, or extremely up-to-date. Each décor is thus specifically designed and “mocked up” in the workshops before being made and installed at the client’s address.


Once these sumptuous décors and curtains have been created, it is time to install them with all the delicacy and savoir-faire that this entails. Jouffre’s creative and technical savoir-faire is also expressed onsite – creating folds and pleats, or refining the drape of a curtain. This is why, for the past thirty years, Jouffre has been training high-class onsite upholsterers capable of fitting curtains, décors, blinds and track systems, but also any type of electrical equipment (Jouffre is a reseller for Lutron, Somfy, G-Rail, and Silent Gliss, among others).

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