An article by Signatures Singulières

Founded in 1790, the “Manufacture Zuber” is based in Rixheim, Alsace, in a former commandery of Teutonic knights. It is the oldest French wallpaper factory still in operation. Nowadays, the artisans of the manufacture still print their creations by hand thanks to their extraordinary know-how. 

Traditional production methods (handmade)

Its famous panoramic scenery depicts continuous landscapes without any repetition of scenes of patterns. In addition, the Manufacture creates an abundant collection of designs for wallpaper. As well as motifs such as friezes, trimmings, rosettes, and trompe l’oeil architectural elements. Nowadays, 80 to 90% of its production is still printed with traditional handmade processes. Between 1797 and 1830, the factory’s workers sculpted some 150,000 wooden boards. Medieval cellars dating from the 15th century preserve this treasure. 

A national treasure

These wallpaper boards classified as “Historic Monuments” are part of the French Heritage. Some of them were used to print the “Americas” decor in the oval office of the White House. It was an order made in the 60s by Jacqueline Kennedy. 

A decorative repertoire of infinite richness

Terrestrial paradises, sublimated elsewhere, fantastic bestiary, luxuriant flora, breathtaking landscaped, architectural treasures… This diversity allows Zuber’s creations to adapt to all styles of decoration. It goes from the historic interior to the purest design.