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Recycled plastic floral metaphors 

Plastic artist William Amor transforms plastic waste into graceful flower bouquet. Jewelry, interior decorations, monumental installations… The founder of Créations Messagères transforms discarded materials into many beauty pieces, always combined with messages committed to nature.

William Amor in his atelier Créations Messagères

An ode to love and nature

Last October, a vast field of 250 poppies arose in the Palais Brongniart in Paris. This bucolic installation illustrated Kenzo Parfums’ values of love and sharing. These artificial poppies also showcased William Amor’s up-cycling expertise. Created by the French artist, each of the giant flowers was in fact made from an assembly of recycled plastic waste. William Amor has already been at the origin of such monumental installations. A “poetic flight” of fake flowers enchanted the Révelations fine craft and creation fair last year. Similarly, an artificial plant cascade sprang from a spectacular wall lamp in the heart of a luxury mall in Hong Kong. This seemingly floral effervescence is in fact the work of the “neglected materials’ ennobler” William Amor. To do this, this magician borrows processes from craftsmen such as jewelers, embroiderers and plumassiers.

Révélations fair in the Grand Palais, Paris. « L’envolée Poétique » wall lamp, ennoblement of plastic bags, food packaging and marine rope. William Amor - Atelier Créations Messagères

An up-cycling botanical creator

Former resident of the Ateliers de Paris and botanical enthusiast, William Amor defines himself as an “ennobler of neglected materials”. Indeed, this plastic artist creates works exclusively from plastic abandoned in nature. The result consists in hours of meticulous work to metamorphose shapeless ends into petals, stamens and colored stems. William Amor has thus implemented special cutting, shaping and dyeing processes. This up-cycling creator also revisits in his own way the gestures of traditional floral decorators and plumassiers. The outcome: a series of techniques to transform the smallest piece of discarded plastic into floral detail. Pieces of plastic bottles and bags are transformed into camellias, blueberries, poppies and other graceful flowers. In addition to these exceptional compositions’ beauty, these colorful nuanced flowers carry a committed message in favor of the environment.

Rose-heart pleats in plastic bags. William Amor

An engaged floral art

Not only does William Amor create works of art, but he also changes our outlook on waste. An old crumpled plastic bag thus becomes matter to create beauty following the example of precious stones. These wastes that clutter up nature begin a new life after being embellished. To that extent, William Amor tells us, in his own way, poetic stories about the preservation of the living.

Giant Poppy studio - Kenzo. William Amor - Atelier Créations Messagères

Founder of Créations Messagères, the artist also has a social and solidarity fiber. Since 2018, he has been calling on disabled collaborators in partnership with specialized structures such as ESAT (French settlement and work assistance service). Trained with William Amor’s know-how, the team works on the artist’s projects. In addition to interior design decors, the up-cycler designer creates small, delicate compositions such as a jewelry series. An opportunity to adorn oneself with pretty floral messages!

Flower decoration in the Guerlain boutique on the Champs-Elysées
Clematis flower
Flowers in recycled plastic bottles. William Amor
Above left: floral creation "Tulipa" in plastic bottle. Paris Design Week. Mariott Renaissance hotel. Above right: Yves Rocher trophy
Mimosa made from cigarette butts

Créations Messagères
William Amor
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