Translated from a French article by Signatures Singulières

A leading purveyor of luxury bathroom fixtures, Volevatch is a company that creates exceptional pieces. This French manufacturer designs jewel-like faucets through which water magnificently flows.

Above: Serge Volevatch – On the right: Versailles collection

Chasing at the workshop of the manufacture.
Piet collection. Charles Zana project

The signature of French bathroom fixtures

Volevatch artisanal fixtures beautifully highlight the water flowing in the bathroom or kitchen. Founded in 1975 by Serge Volevatch, a craftsman and restorer, this French manufacturer uses ancestral know-how for its faucets. Its creations can be found in prestigious heritage sites as well as in luxury private residences. The firm is also listed in France’s Inventaire des Métiers des Arts Rares, the national inventory of rare craftsmanship. This recognition is part of the UNESCO’s cultural heritage protection program. Beyond their functionality, Volevatch fixtures are true jewels that tell the story of different design styles such as Art Deco. The company is often inspired by the founder’s collection of antique faucets. The history and the exemplary nature of this firm caught the attention of Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Bistrot collection, nickel finish.
Héritage collection. Bronze finish.

Unique contemporary pieces

Volevatch is one of the last French luxury faucet manufacturers to continue the heritage of excellence. In addition to restoring old faucets, Serge Volevatch has also developed his own creations. His first collection, “Bistrot”, has become iconic. Today, more than 40 craftsmen apply the traditional art of creating unique pieces in the factory. Founders, welders, assemblers, polishers, chiselers and engravers shape and sculpt solid lead-free brass, covered with precious finishes. This passion for beauty is also adapted to modern interpretations. The know-how established by Serge Volevatch is complemented by the latest generation of digital production tools assisting today’s artisans of the firm. Nevertheless, these masters of waterworks continue to perpetuate, with talent and know-how, the secrets of the art of bathing under the eye of the son of the founder, Igor Volevatch. More than a history of craftsmanship, the manufacture is also a beautiful family story!

Bistrot collection, nickel finish.
Bistrot collection, copper finish.

Unequalled know-how envied throughout the world

Since its creation, Volevatch has forged exceptional ties with its prestigious clients. Interior designers, architects and demanding aesthetes have all called upon the factory because of its reputation for excellence. Rudolf Nureyev was one of these discerning clients who turned to Serge Volevatch to design the fittings for his bathroom. Since then, each collection presented has continually enchanted lovers of French decorative arts. The company manufactures its own collections for renowned architects on a confidential basis. The company also designs true works of art such as sculptural showers. Finally, this famous manufacturer designs complete bathroom solutions such as sublime marble basins. Lovers of unique pieces can also acquire custom-made creations in an infinite variety of possibilities and luxurious materials. As highlighted in Signatures Singulières Magazine, Volevatch offers its singular vision of faucets not only in France but worldwide.

Piero Manara project. © Didier Delmas.
Bath/shower faucet, Heritage collection. Light bronze medallion finish.
Luxurious project signed Pierre Paradis. 24 carat gold finish.
The Volevatch family with impressions of the workshop

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