Translated from a French article by Signatures Singulières

Victoria Wilmotte exposes the different facets of her talent in the Silvera space in Saint-Germain. The opportunity to (re) discover her creative universe as well as her ingenious and singular furniture. Signatures Singulières Magazine went to her exhibition that honors the work and the French know-how of the famous designer.

Above: Victoria Wilmotte. On the right: “Zigzag” armchair upholstered with a purple velvet by Pierre Frey. ©Yannick Labrousse.

Victoria Wilmotte Collection. Dining table in Oyster Soften marble on an aluminium honeycomb. Unique piece. Dimensions: H 73,5 x 230 x 90 cm. ©Yannick Labrousse.
Coffee table "Gasket" in softened Brazilian slate. Anodized aluminum legs threaded and screwed to the top. Unique prototype. H 73.5 x 230 x 90 cm. Victoria Wilmotte collection. ©Yannick Labrousse.

Victoria Wilmotte, the art of precision

Former student of the Camondo School in Paris, then of the Royal College of Art in London, Victoria Wilmotte specialized in product design under the direction of Ron Arad. Over the years, she has established herself on the design scene by collaborating with renowned brands such as Poliform, Legrand, ClassiCon or Land Rover. In 2009, the designer created her own studio before opening her workshop a few years later to design bespoke pieces or prototypes for industrial production. This workshop became a real laboratory of ideas. She explored with metallic and mineral materials, She cut and hollowed their surfaces playing with the textures. A creative process that is close to a sculptor’s work, coupled with an engineer’s precision… Today, Victoria Wilmotte develops her creative universe by self-publishing unique pieces in her own workshop, VW Factory, that she presents at Silvera.

VW Factory, Victoria Wilmotte’s workshop. ©Fabien Breuil.
"Zigzag" Console in powder-coated folded steel. Top in softened silver wave marble (unique finish with this top). H 87 x L 140 x W 40 cm. Victoria Wilmotte collection. ©Yannick Labrousse.

Iconic collections and brand-new pieces by Victoria Wilmotte at Silvera

Victoria Wilmotte offers a sneak peak at her collections and exhibits the latest VW Factory products at the Silvera showroom in Saint-Germain. There you can discover an astonishing chandelier in folded sheet metal, a playful console and backlit marble lamps… But also, an armchair and a sofa all in velvet, quite innovative! This was the first time that the designer worked with fabric. And the result is astonishing. This exhibition is the occasion to discover the Ginza lamp post for Man Of Parts and its furniture edited by the brand Classicon, such as the Piega mirrors or the Pli tables, gloriously staged by the designer. “A project initiated as part of the Designers Days at Silvera Poliform – she (Victoria Wilmotte) once again surprises with her ingenuity, her taste for volumes and surface treatments” says Brigitte Silvera.

Table lamp. Base in softened Marquina marble and luminous veil in Lilac marble with an integrated LED plate. Dimensions: H 60 x 37 cm. Unique piece. Victoria Wilmotte collection. ©Yannick Labrousse.
"Zigzag" Chandelier in powder-coated folded steel. Ø 120 cm. Victoria Wilmotte Collection. ©Yannick Labrousse.

Interview with Victoria Wilmotte

Which new creations do you present in the Silvera showroom in Paris ?

A wall lamp, a chandelier, a console, a coffee table… A lot of new products that are part of my creative process. But also a statement piece, a completely new type of furniture for me: a sofa and an armchair. I was initiated to fabric treatment, forcing me to get out of my comfort zone to integrate softness and tenderness in a monster of precision.

Why did you create special and self-produced editions?

It all started when I worked with stone and marble. With these precious materials, you often have to draw tables and other bespoke pieces. I then followed the idea of limited and self-published pieces by creating my own workshop, the VW Factory, in which I can manufacture order-based production and develop my creative universe.

Maintaining your event in a context of confinement is quite audacious!

I did not want to cancel it. I wanted to close this decade with the creations that emanated from it. During the confinement, my desire to create compounded. I opened myself to other horizons and now I wish to continue on this path of proliferation and amazement!

Vases "ZigZag". Daum crystal paste. Limited edition of 300 pieces. Victoria Wilmotte collection. ©Yannick Labrousse.

10 years of creations in a limited edition book

To accompany this exhibition which highlights the graphic, rigorous and majestic universe of the designer, an anniversary publication celebrating the 10 years of Victoria Wilmotte’s creations is available. A book signed and edited in only 100 copies that lists all of the designer’s objects and installations. A beautiful book that reveals her creative line and inspirations, from volume, symmetrical compositions and contrasted design. A collector’s book not to be missed.

For all information, please contact the Silvera showroom located at 43, rue du Bac – 75007 Paris.