Translated in French from an article by Signatures Singulières

The creation of a door handle designed by Valérie Rostaing in collaboration with Bricard Art illustrates the contemporary aesthetic sensitivity associated with the artisanal history of the great locksmith. An illustration of the French-style elegance that excites Signatures Singulières Magazine.

The House of Taipei. Project of the interior designer Valérie Rostaing. ©Olivier Marceny.

A contemporary art locksmith’s shop designed by an interior designer

This refined door handle tells the story of an interior designer’s view of the art of locksmithing and the know-how of a hundred-year-old house. Bricard Art and Valérie Rostaing present a new model of artisanal locksmithing. This creation with assertive lines is a summary of the interior designer’s vision of the custom-made. It is also an illustration of the know-how of the Bricard Art locksmith. Valérie Rostaing and Bricard Art thus share the same spirit of excellence in locks that are in keeping with the times. These handcrafted bronze pieces open the doors of a home to the elegance of French art. Valérie Rostaing, with her experience at Christian Liaigre, designs interiors with a timeless character and meticulous finishes. The interior designer focuses on the details that make a house luxurious. In fine, the collaboration with Bricard Art allowed her to design a bronze lock very Art Deco. The result is a true contemporary goldsmith’s piece.

Bronze door handle designed by Valérie Rostaing in collaboration with Bricard Art ©Olivier Marceny.
Bricard Art's Parisian Showroom located at 2 bis, rue de la Baume - 75008 Paris. ©Michaël Hirsch.

Decorative arts at your fingertips

Since 1782, Bricard has opened the doors to successive styles of French decorative arts. The art locksmith has thus imposed his know-how, from the Renaissance style to the Art Deco style. Preciously kept in its workshops, 30,000 models bear witness to the artisanal history of the House of Bricard. Like goldsmiths and silversmiths, the craftsmen-shoemakers shape, chisel and sculpt the bronze by hand according to the manufacturing processes inherited from the 18th century. This know-how is, as time goes by, at the service of its time. Bricard Art never ceases to inject the contemporary into its DNA without ever forgetting the soul of its House. In recent years, Bricard Art has initiated collaborations with interior architects and designers, producing in its workshops the finished product based on their drawings. The House of Bricard Art is constantly exploring new contemporary forms and finishes. At Bricard Art, each piece is a custom-made creation, a value that is dear to Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Art Deco, Arabic and contemporary collections. Showroom Bricard Art ©Michaël Hirsch.

The doors to excellence in craftsmanship

Bricard Art puts its exceptional know-how at the service of architects, decorators and private individuals. In addition to this, it also has an artistic sensitivity that has been proven for more than two centuries. After understanding what the project entails, the House shows the clients the appropriate models taken from its countless locksmith collections. Above all, it offers inspirational notebooks illustrating the trends of yesterday and today. In the end, this alchemy of contemporary design and historical know-how offers atypical models of artistic locksmithing. These custom-made or handmade pieces are the gateway to a world of extraordinary excellence. A value that seduced the interior architect and designer Valérie Rostaing. Illustrated by her latest architectural project “The House of Taipei”, in which French craftsmanship is given pride of place. At the same time, Valérie Rostaing also designs furniture for her sophisticated residential projects. An illustration of the French art of living, promoted by Signatures Singulières Magazine.

New "pink copper" finish. ©Michaël Hirsch.
Custom-made models at Bricard Art's Showroom in Paris ©Michaël Hirsch
Gilded bronze Spanish carvings ©Michaël Hirsch
An ornate Louis XVI style "Espagnolette" ©Michaël Hirsch.

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