Son of a painter, the artistic universe is familiar to Quentin Garel since his childhood. Thanks to his father who covered all the themes of the history of art – portraits, landscapes, still lifes, Garel drew a lot. The only subject that had not been treated at home being the animal, this one became his main subject.

Animals, a universal subject

His elephants, gorillas, giraffes, bird skulls, etc. have conquered Signatures Singulières. At first, Quentin Garel was confined to farm animals to make trophies and restore their coat of arms. A satirical work on the pride of man in some way, like a Jean de la Fontaine. Then the artist became interested in wild animals and the details of their anatomy.

A huge preparatory work

Because Garel likes to represent reality, he makes preparatory drawings as faithful as possible. Therefore he introduces as much information as possible about the light and the volume to come. His technique is classic. Indeed, he uses paper, charcoal and brings some highlights with white chalk to give relief. Like industrial drawings with a front view, from above and in profile, those of Garel is very technical, almost to scale.

Wood, his favorite material

Indeed, beams, planks, etc. He willingly confides that the touching moment is the discovery after cleaning all the effects of wood. It is especially when the veins of wood accompany to the eye and the touch, the drawings and movements of the sculptures. The artist plays with shine and dullness. Sometimes he mixes cast iron with wood, adds plexiglass eyes. Whatever happens, the wooden sculpture always ends up being melted in bronze!

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