Translated from a French article by Signatures Singulières

Designer Nicolas Aubagnac unveils a special collection for Galerie Marcilhac. The result is contemporary furniture designed in the Art Deco spirit and promoted by the famous Parisian gallery.

Above: Nicolas Aubagnac and Félix Marcilhac. 

Above: Pedestal table in bronze and travertine, signed Nicolas Aubagnac. In the Marcilhac gallery: screen (1928) Jean Dunand. Armchair (1929) Pierre Chareau. Carpet Jules Leleu. Vase ball, in copper dinanderie – Vase with herringbone decoration (1930) Claudius Linossier. © Paul Prestreau.

A Contemporary Art Deco Collection

Nicolas Aubagnac’s ambition is to think of classicism in terms of the future. The designer is thus continuing his ode to art furniture with a new collection for the Galerie Marcilhac. The collaboration between the gallery, a specialist in decorative arts, and Nicolas Aubagnac takes on its full meaning in this respect. Galerie Marcilhac is one of the oldest Parisian galleries dedicated to the decorative arts of the 20th century. It also promotes contemporary artists by presenting their works alongside those of the great names of Art Deco. In this respect, Felix Marcilhac proposed to Nicolas Aubagnac to design contemporary pieces. The art dealer shares with the designer a love of crafts and furniture telling the story of the decorative arts. From their meeting was thus born an exclusive collection, designed as a tribute to the line. A high quality encounter that caught the attention of Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Console in bronze and travertine by the designer Nicolas Aubagnac for Galerie Marcilhac. Vase in hammered brass dinanderie (1925) – Gilded lacquer box (1913) all Jean Dunand. Panther (1929) original lithograph, Paul Jouve. © Paul Prestreau.

In the Spirit of Art Deco

The collaboration between Nicolas Aubagnac and Galerie Marcilhac consists of two pedestal table models and two console models. These pieces of furniture have the ambition to converse with the great names of the gallery such as Ruhlmann and J.M. Frank. To do so, Félix Marcilhac and Nicolas Aubagnac have chosen two predominant materials for the design of these four pieces. Travertine and bronze thus make this furniture, imbued with a strong personality, stand out. The craftsmen who traditionally work with Nicolas Aubagnac on his projects have put their know-how at the service of this collection. The result is geometrical and pure forms that are in osmosis with the collector’s furniture of the Galerie Marcilhac. Nicolas Aubagnac has applied his perfect mastery of the Art Deco period by associating to it his eye as a decorator-assembler. The designer projects the decorative arts into the contemporary world.

Snake Vase (1924) Lalique. © Paul Prestreau.

Nicolas Aubagnac: Designer and Interior Architect

With a sharp vision of French decorative art, Nicolas Aubagnac was quickly recognized by his peers and a demanding clientele. Four years after graduating from Ensaama in interior architecture, Nicolas Aubagnac founded his agency in 1997. The designer immediately distinguished himself with his creations of lighting fixtures. He exhibited at PAD in 2002 and gained an international clientele. Nicolas Aubagnac calls upon the cream of the crop for each of his creations made in France. Cabinetmakers, gilders and lacquerers are all trades that participate in the manufacture of this unique furniture. In addition to his activities as a designer, Nicolas Aubagnac also designs luxurious interior architecture projects. The result is high quality, timeless furniture. All of which tells the story of the decorative arts and above all the French art of living as Signatures Singulières Magazine likes to promote it.

Side table in bronze and travertine by the designer Nicolas Aubagnac. Bench seat (1920) André Groult. Wall lamps (1925) Albert Cheuret. Carpet (1950) Jules Leleu. Cup empty-pocket (1970) Odile Noll. Vase ball, in copper dinanderie – Vase with herringbone decoration (1930) Claudius Linossier. Trendy panther (1927) original lithograph, Paul Jouve.

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