For art-lovers this situation seems to be pretty bad since all the museums and galleries we know and love are temporarily closed. However, we listed some of the great virtual exhibitions you can check out from home!

  • The MET – 360° project

This award-winning series of six short videos invites viewers around the world to virtually visit The Met’s art and architecture in a fresh, immersive way. Created using spherical 360° technology, it allows viewers to explore some of the Museum’s iconic spaces as never before. Viewed more than 11 million times, this series affords an access and a perspective typically unavailable to the public. Viewers can experience the magic of standing in an empty gallery after-hours, witnessing a bustling space in time-lapse, or floating high above The Met Cloisters.

These videos are available on Youtube and can be viewed through this link on your smartphone, your computer, on Google Cardboard or a VR headset. Be sure to turn up the volume to hear the music, too. 

  • The Frick Collection: Explore the galleries online

The Frick Collection also offers a virtual tour of the several rooms that compose it. Click to their interactive map to select which rooms you want to discover and enjoy all the details of the artworks presented in the rooms.  The virtual exhibition is compatible with iPad and iPhone. As an additional feature on iPad 2 and iPhone 4 and higher, you can pan around a gallery by moving your device to the left or right. The Frick Collection also allows you to view their lectures online, you can choose from a selection of more than 240 talks on everything from Antico to Zurbarán. You can also sign up for their virtual Bookclub! 

See more on the link.

  • The Cooper-Hewitt online exhibit

Cooper Hewitt is America’s design museum and today they allow you to explore 3 online exhibitions; “Zoom into this embroidered Panel for a Cabinet Door”, “Nature by Design: Botanical Expressions”, “African American Design”. These immersive virtual exhibitions guide you and explain all the details of the artworks showcased.

Click here to enjoy the immersive exhibitions.

  • Welcome to the Whitney from home

While the museum is closed, you can enjoy for free their online resources! Hours of video content, including discussions, performances and The Whitney Stories series. You can also explore online Whitney’s collection of over 25,000 works, created by more than 3,500 American artists during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.