This week we would like to introduce one of our favorite women on Instagram. She is doing incredible work, which looks like it could be from another universe. We interviewed her about her life, her work and her passions.  Introducing: Donna Glubo-Schwartz.

With this interview we also start a new section on our news page, in which we would like to show you new and interesting accounts, pictures and impressions of Instagrams world of interior design. Come and join us to explore the variety of art and design, starting with 3 dimensional sculptured fabrics.

Thank you very much Donna for doing this interview with us. We have been following you on Instagram for a while now and are always amazed by your pictures of these colorful fabric sculptures. First, I would like to know “Who is Donna Glubo-Schwartz?”.

I am from New York, currently living in Fort Lee, NJ with a studio that overlooks the Hudson River. I studied fiber arts, sculpture, painting and most influentially Color Theory at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois. One semester, I took a class in Shibori, a Japanese resist dye technique and I experimented with the general intention of the processes and adapted it to gain a more dimensional result. My study of color has also informed my work.

Oh nice! That sounds fun! So, how did you became a designer? How did the idea of doing the pieces, on your instagram referenced as “3 dimensional sculptural fabrics”, how did that start?

Since graduating, I formed my own fabric company Spatial Element. I developed the concept of having my pleated fabric laminated in glass. The technology was not available when I first developed the idea, so I had it cast in clear resin. It was juried into Material Connexion, a materials resource library, as a new material. A new glass company, Livinglass, Inc. developed the process of laminating dimensional materials in glass, and found my work through Material Connexion. Since then we have been working together (starting 2004) and have completed many projects both domestically and internationally.

Amazing! And how do you install your sculptures, because it should be used as decoration in rooms right?

Yes, exactly. For example my newest work, Twisted Objects, are made with the intention of mounting them on a wall, either attached to a canvas or directly to the wall. I envision grouping multiple pieces for a full installation in a grid pattern or if directly hung, in different forms and shapes.

Okay, and are those sculptures the only thing you are working on at the moment? Or is there something else? What would you say is your main focus?

My focus is with the 3 dimensional fabrics, either with the Twisted Object series or with Livinglass, Inc. for laminated glass for my Kimono and Halo series of glass. The laminated glass has been used in multiple projects installed anywhere from Hotels, Airports, Casinos, Health Care, Residential, Restaurants, and Corporate venues .

And do other designers do the same? Do you know anyone working in this way?

Not exactly. Although there are other fiber artist that use more traditional shibori techniques, I do have my own unique interpretation.

Okay, nice. Now we have already talked a bit about your pieces. Can you tell me something about how you are making them? On your Instagram, you explain that everything is handmade and one of a kind.  It must be very special to craft such pieces.

My technique includes multiple degrees of folding and crimping the fabric. It can involve one or two color combinations to complete the second part of the process. When completed, I manipulate the fabric to create its form, then sewing it in place. I came to this process through years of experimentation, research and development. It can take anywhere from two days to a week or more to complete a piece or series of pieces.

Wow, a week is quite a long time! How does it work if someone would like to order your work? How do you ship and manage the whole process?

I would work directly with designers to determine color and size and overall desired result. Although I plan on offering specific sizes: 20” by 20” and 12” by 12”, I can do custom work in color and size. You can order directly through my site. Designers can direct message me for custom work. Each piece will be specially packed for shipping through FedEX.

Alright, my last question is, which projects have you worked on so far, or further more what clients have you worked with? Also, which rooms do you think are best homes for your bespoke creations?

I have worked most successfully with the Interior Design industry. Hospitality projects are the most receptive to color and experimentation. I can see the Twisted Objects, which can be made in any size, as feature walls for hotel lobbies, reception area, restaurants, airport lounges, etc. I have completed projects for Delta Airlines including LAX, San Francisco, Seattle, and Atlanta. Other projects in Las Vegas include McCarran International Airport, Aria City Center Las Vegas, Red Rock Resort and Casino, Mirage Hotel and more. In New York, for example,  you can see my work at the Shoreham Hotel on West 55th.

Oh nice! I think I am gonna check this out then! Very cool. Well, that’s all for now! Thank you very much Donna, for answering all my questions.

You are very welcome! Thank you very much for having me for this interview!

If you are interested in Donna´s pieces, check them out at her Instagram page here or you can also contact her via email or phone, to order your very own special 3D sculptured fabric.


Phone: 917.701.9134