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Delphine Mauroit is a Belgian Interior Designer. She founded DMD & Architecture in the heart of New York City in September 2009. Rising from Senior Designer to Head Architect, Delphine Mauroit has been recognized for her unparalleled creative talent and professional success in global high-end residential, innovative design and architecture projects, offices…


Par Excellence – What originally made you want to become a designer ?

Delphine Mauroit – Since a very young age, I have always been fascinated by the way houses were built, how they were arranged inside, materials that were being used to build them… So, I naturally opted for architectural studies in Belgium. It is only when I was hired by Yabu Pushelberg in Toronto that I realized what an amazing field interior design was, and that was a complete revelation to me!

Par Excellence – How would you describe your approach to design ?

Delphine Mauroit – Interior design is about creating attractive 3-dimensional spaces, of course. Spaces that are materializations of a client’s dream, or brief. But I believe for a space to really ‘work’, you need to add a fourth dimension. You need to understand how humans move around, how they socialize around spaces… in order to create some kind of flow, a soul to the place. And that’s what makes my approach different I think.

Par Excellence – What is the role of the designer according to you ? 

Delphine Mauroit – I think the most important role of a designer is to be a sounding board for his client first. I love that initial briefing phase with clients when they draw you into their world and what they have in mind. I love seeing the excitement in a client’s eyes when your inspiration meets theirs.

Par Excellence – Was there a moment that made you go out and start your own firm ?

Delphine Mauroit – That moment was a kick in the rear end when I was let go by Rockwell Group in New York, 10 years ago (oh my god…). I was sad but I also felt a great sense of relief, a sense of freedom to finally be able to ‘do it my way’. When I walked out the door with that little check in my hand, I realized that I was ready to go solo, and I strangely did not feel scared at all.

Par Excellence – What made you decide to start your own business rather than working for someone else?

Delphine Mauroit – As soon as I started my business, a couple of clients came on board very quickly through my personal network, and it snowballed from there. I never looked back!

Par Excellence – Could you tell us about what projects you are working on at the moment ?

Delphine Mauroit – Currently, our 2 main projects are a 5000 square-foot apartment in Tribeca, and a 6000 square-foot office space on Fifth avenue for a very successful and innovative tech company.

Par Excellence – What is the project you are the more proud of ?

Delphine Mauroit – I will have to say that my very first project, “The Raines Law Room” speakeasy is probably the one that is closest to my heart. That was 10 years ago and it is still celebrated as one of the finest cocktail lounges in New York, year in year out. I absolutely love the “Elsie rooftop bar” not only because it has the name of my baby girl haha! But also, because it’s quite stunning and has been selected for the ‘Restaurant and bar design awards’. Fingers crossed.“Dear Irving” on Gramercy has won the best bar design by Time Out magazine.The “Harlem house renovation” because it was crazy team work with my husband. We turned it into a wonderful haven. I know you asked which project (singular) I was most proud of, but there are so many I loved working on! They all occupy a special place in my heart for various reasons.

Par Excellence – What is your dream project ?

Delphine Mauroit – This might sound silly, but I would love to design the first human base on planet Mars. I’m only half joking. I would absolutely love to rethink every aspect of how humans live in their habitats. On a more terrestrial level, I would love to design a hotel again, and a school. 

Par Excellence – What is your motto ?

Delphine Mauroit – “Do what you love and everything will fall into place…”

Raines Law Room Speakeasy

Elsie Rooftop Bar - Times Square

Dear Irving Bar

Harlem Renovation House