Declercq Passementiers, a family home marked by the excellency. Jérôme Declercq and his sister Elisa embody the sixth generation of trimming manufacturer. Indeed, the house began in 1852 with their great grandparents who were settled on Quincampoix Street. Today rue Etienne Marcel houses the showroom while the creative workshop is located in Montreuil aux Lions.

The jewel of decoration

The term passementerie comes from the word “passement” which designates in decoration any ornament woven with threads. Geometries and colors that are infinitely different. The names are funny sometimes enigmatic as “bouffettes bouclées”, “trililis”, “claws”, “galons” or “cocorinettes”. These small elements ennoble the interiors and give them a final touch. Trimmings have an old-fashioned side but new things come to wake her up. Since the house is working on new techniques and new materials such as steel or fiber optics.

The know-how of a trade community

Because 80% of the items are entirely hand-made by specialized master craftsmen: the twister, the warper, the reel, etc. These work mainly with silk, gold (gold threads 24 carats), fibrane (commonly called “viscose”), cotton and wool. Prestigious places like the Elysée, the Palace of Versailles, the Opera Garnier, the Peninsula Hotel in Paris etc. are full of creations signed Declercq Passementiers. But many individuals around the world also make up his clientele. Declercq Passementiers is a Living Heritage Company (EPV). Margot, the daughter of Jerome Declercq, will eventually take over the reins of the family home.

Singular Signatures wishes him the same success as his predecessors.

Interview with Jérôme Declercq CEO of Declercq Passementiers

What made you want to go into the trimmings?

Jérôme Declercq: My desire goes back to childhood, when I accompanied my father. I spent a lot of time in the workshops, I watched the trimmers work, I ran between the trades. I have always loved this workshop atmosphere, the smell of materials, the soft “singing” of silk and the regular sound of looms. It is a particular universe, where beautiful things are played out. I like the human relationships that are created in a workshop. The virus took me very young, he never left. I like the idea of perpetuating know-how and this freedom to create.

It is an art recognized in France. Is it the same abroad?

Jérôme Declercq: I would say rather a craft, but yes, it is recognized throughout the world, even if it enjoys a special status in France because it is in France that trimmings have historically taken all its rise, and that the most beautiful pieces were created. In the world, trimmings symbolize an important part of the art of living “à la française”.

During this event, our partner was able to present its know-how to more than 150 guests. Par excellence wishes to thank them for their presence.

All in a good mood a flute of champagne in the hands and the sunset in the background.

Enjoy the photos of the event below.

You have joined Par Excellence, which promotes French talents in New York. What do you expect? Do you already have any benefits in this way? What kind of welcome did you receive in New York?

Jérôme Declercq: previously, we used distributors who sold our trimmings. Thanks to Par Excellence and the synergy it generates, we can promote our own brand and our identity Declercq Passementiers. We have been working for a long time with the United States (for example, we have made beautiful trimmings for the Frick Collection), and Americans are very fond of this kind of products. But with Par Excellence, we are developing our contacts with American decorators who are enthusiastic. This initiative of high-end French artisans is very well received by American customers, it is a guarantee of excellence and therefore a legitimacy for the partner brands. We have already achieved good projects, the prospects are good, and we are very motivated.

What challenge would you like to meet in 2019/2020?

Jérôme Declercq: I would like the success and the influence of Par Excellence to open a second pole on the West Coast: that’s a very nice challenge!