An article by Signatures Singulières

Christophe Grünthaler is the heir to the founder of the family firm of the same name, and he sees things on a large scale. He brought back into fashion the heraldic art. The concept ? The revival or creation of emblems ex-nihilo and sculptures to your glory. To be transmitted from generation to generation, as some of our ancestors did through the coat of arms. 

A family story

In 1877, Nicolas Grünthaler created a clock and goldsmith’s house in Lyon. With his 6 sons, he added jewelery, objets d’art as well as chandeliers and marble works at their know-how range. From now on, the Grünthaler house proposes to create unique and customized family crests and personal emblems. 

Timeless symbols

The family crests appeared in Europe in the 12th century to identify knights unrecognizable behind their armor. They painted on their shields chevrons of colors. Then came the animal, vegetable and geometric figures. For a long time, those family crests were reserved for a particular elite. Only knights ennobled by the King as a result of their exploits and then the powerful aristocracy could claim it. 

New aristocrats

For Christophe Grünthaler, the aristocrats of the 21st century are entrepreneurs, financiers, top athletes and people. He encourages them to mark their success by creating their own emblems. The Maison Grünthaler wants to symbolize their life story, their origins, their values, their success. Before, these emblems were affixed on silverware or jewels. Today, you can find them on upscale contemporary articles like tableware, bags, perfume bottles, candle holders or even a denim jacket! These items are selected from luxury homes, designers and exceptional craftsmen. 

Since one of the goals is to show its success, why not reproduce these emblems on monumental sculptures? Even to include Street Art! This is the brilliant idea of Christophe Grünthaler. 

Far from traditional collections, Christophe Grünthaler creates works that mix tradition and contemporary art such as signet carvings measuring 20 cm to more than 2 meters. And the materials are traditional or more moderns: resin, chrome, bronze, gold, leaf, silver.

A desacralized symbol

“I take the code of the historical signet ring and divert it from its primary function. The jewel becomes a work of art, testifying to the richness of a life. Engraved on a prestigious symbol, this unique story, yours, represented through the personal emblem, becomes the theme of sculpture.”

So Christophe Grünthaler desecrates the signet ring through these creations. Some models are directly inspired by Street Art with strength of tags and graffiti! His giant signet ring reminiscent of the monumental diamond Jeff Koons, upsets the received ideas. Imaginative in size and color, its visual impact is strong. The colors are bright, the most extreme fantasy is at the rendezvous!