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Martin Massé is a gifted creator whom Signatures Singulières follows closely. In June he released two new furniture collections, Cavalese and Monti.

Promising beginnings

In 2014, the Optimum magazine questioned him as part of an investigation into the desiderata of some particularly brilliant design students. So Martin Massé had given visionary answers about his future activity.

“I was able to let my creativity speak and this is also what I will look for later in the professional world. I don’t want to be cataloged but I don’t want to go into interior design or luxury design anymore. ”

A very diverse activity

What was said was done. Martin Massé went to build his experience in renowned agencies such as Wilmotte & Associés, Joseph Dirand Architecture, Tristan Auer and Gilles & Boissier. As a result, he now touches on a wide variety of projects. It ranges from architecture to the interior design of apartments, shops and restaurants. And the creation of high-end furniture.

Minimalist design

In another interview, given to Signatures Singulières this time, Martin Massé, stresses the importance of eliminating all superfluous. And that’s exactly what comes out of these achievements as a designer. The two new collections, Cavalese and Monti, bear witness to this. Indeed, the shapes are smooth, geometric, refined. Straight lines or curved lines structure and frame his creations. In addition, these are sold in a limited edition. And the materials are precious: smoked eucalyptus wood, elm burl, Belsuede fabric by Dedar, white onyx or estremoz etc. Martin Massé succeeds in the miracle of the perfect association between the beautiful and the functional.

Martin Massé – 3, rue des Blancs Manteaux – 75004 Paris – Tél. : +33 (0)6 78 52 31 58

Martin Massé’s Cavalese and Monti collections

Martin Massé with Ateliers Saint-Jacques