Guillaume Bouchez recent interview in french magazine Signatures Singulières to talk about Par Excellence.

What are your criteria for selecting your craftsmen?

Guillaume Bouchez: our partner companies must be French and have an artisanal know-how; the definition of an EPV (Living Heritage Company) in sum. By the way most are.

Eight artisans have joined Par Excellence. How much do you want to receive?

Guillaume Bouchez: we have set ourselves not to exceed the threshold of 12 partners; we are currently in discussion with several craftsmen and we expect to end the year at 10, the aim being to integrate new know-how. We have been asked a lot of glass lately, and I am in contact with a company specializing in architectural embroidery whose work is incredible.

French know-how is very popular abroad. What are the most requested trades by your American interior designers?

Guillaume Bouchez: everyone manages to make their mark because of their unique know-how and they’re complementarity. This is the beauty of the project Par Excellence! In some agencies we find many projects on which several of our partners intervened.

In your opinion, what is the hallmark of French know-how as a factor of choice for your foreign clients?

Guillaume Bouchez: our crafts and our cuisine, benefits from this international aura. Here we speak very easily of know-how “à la Française” as we speak about our savoir vivre!

The made in France in the craftsmanship is synonymous with quality of course, but also prestige and tradition.

Is there a strong demand from your American customers for French craftsmen?

Guillaume Bouchez: Made in France is on the rise, our customers love it. What they like is the tradition from the Old Continent associated with hand work. They want unique pieces and if more is done in France, then there … As I really like to tell our customers, working with Par Excellence is like having a little piece of France in your New York penthouse !

Is your showroom also open to private individuals?

Guillaume Bouchez: Of course our doors remain open to all, but our customers are the designers and decorators, so apart from the pieces presented in the showroom we only make the tailor-made, unique piece.

Do you make a positive assessment after the first 3 years of existence of this New York showroom?

Guillaume Bouchez: yes! Proof of this is that we will accelerate our development: we open the capital to new shareholders. I’m part of it. We are opening a new showroom in September 2019. A great French designer will be associated with our partners. Finally we are thinking about opening offices on the west coast and in Asia where the demand for made in France is very strong.