Declercq Passementiers, a design and manufacturing company of exquisite trimmings and fabric, had its beginning in Paris in 1852. Generations of craftspeople have handed down their expertise and ancestral techniques of a trade that has become rare. Jérome and Elisa Declercq represent the sixth generation of this family of trimming-makers.


Trimmings are the only textile product where several different structural techniques are used in the creation of a single item.

The first step is the research for the different materials needed for the production of an order. The threads are grouped by width and quality, in the appropriate color tones and according to use. If the dyed material cannot be found in the existent stock, we prepare the raw materials and have them dyed. After dyeing, they are spooled.

The second step is the preparation of the threads on the loom. If the item is composed of decorative ornaments, these are prepared with “le retordeur”, the mechanism for twisting threads.

Some of the materials are destined for the mechanical loom: first carefully threaded onto the loom as the desired pattern requires. The mechanical loom allows us to create the most complex ribbons, braids and some of the simple gimps. Other materials are hand-woven to create the complex gimps, velvet ribbons, braids and bullion fringes.

Still other materials are destined for the work-table, where items are assembled by hand without the use of looms: tassels, complex gimps. The last step therefore is the production itself: weaving on Jacquard mechanic loom, hand weaving or hand work-table.

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