Trends of 2019

We searched down the internet to explore the future design trends of the new year 2019, and we found some interesting statements of different designers. We know that is all supposition, because in the end design is art and art has its own living life and behavior. But to know what some of the best designers would like to create and what not, is a very good start to see where 2019 is leading regarding interior design and decor arts. So here are 5 IN’s and OUT’s for 2019:

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IN: Floral Fabrics and Wallpapers

According to Erin Gates Design, the traditionell beauty of floral pattterns will bloom in the year 2019, wether its straight up chintz or abstracted.

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OUT: Cooler Gray

Jeff Andrews Design tells us, that cooler. gray tone neutrals are not gonna be his favorites this year. He prefers warmer and brighter neutrals in 2019.

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IN: Suistainable Pieces

Pieces made out of rice paper, jute or clay will be the future regarding the year 2019. Being more in touch with mother earth and nature is goign to be a big thing according to K Interiors.

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OUT: Only One Look

Rooms with no color or texture will be present in 2019 according to Dekar Design.

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OUT: Lacquered Furniture

According to J Randall Powers Interiors overlay polished pieces can become trite very quickly, and for that reason they wont be part of 2019.

2019 is going to be very colorful, with a lot of textures and vintage patterns

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OUT: Copper Furniture

2019 is going to be the year of more natural looking metals.
K Interiors

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IN: Buy Once, Cry Once

Do not skimping on comfort when it comes to buying new furniture in 2019. As J Randall Powers Interiors always says: buy once, cry once.


IN: Passamenterie

Vibrant color combinations and unusual shapes will make passamenterie “hip” again. - Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates

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OUT: Geometric Trellis and Ikat patterns

“Geometric trellis and ikat patterns will let your room look dated.” - Erin Gates Design

2019 means “For a better life and living in both ways happiness and sustainability!”

IN: Rich Jewel Tones with an Edge

Paints, fabrics and accessoires in these colors going to be a trend in 2019 by creating a drama against backdrop of white architectual elements, according to Jeff Andrews Design.