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Guillaume Bouchez

Managing Partner

Guillaume Bouchez has been working on an international canvas for the last 15 years, developing business opportunities across the US and Europe for global enterprises in event management, hospitality and mass media.

Born and raised in a traditional Paris family and the last of four children, Guillaume likes to call himself a self-made man. After specializing in sales and marketing, he deliberately travelled far and wide to broaden his mind and learn how to adapt enthusiastically into widely differing environments.

His experiences embrace organizing exclusive events on the French Riviera for a world-renowned private chef, developing digital exhibits for one of the leading event companies, creating customized campaigns and brand content for media giant CBS, to launching a flagship European restaurant for a major hospitality group. All his achievements contain the common element of his lifelong love of artistic expression - from music and painting to film production and photography – which he continually renews by applying any time off to go trekking around the globe. When recently he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, he also used the chance to explore meditation through vipassana in Asia. And even at home, downtime is a constant kaleidoscope of friends, cooking and creating his own art.

It was when he arrived in New York five years ago that he knew at once he wanted one day to call this city home. And, introduced in 2018 to the Jouffre family in their search for someone to nurture Par Excellence, he felt it finally provided the opportunity to apply his entrepreneurial urge to his central passion for art and creativity.

Today Par Excellence welcomes Guillaume as both investing partner and Director. His energy and dynamism are just what Par Excellence was seeking and we wish him all the best in continuing to develop the business to provide our clients with extraordinary curated spaces – l’art de vivre par excellence.

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Florian Zimmermann

Digital & Communication Manager 

Florian is the current intern of Par Excellence and responsible for every kind of Digital Marketing and Communication Management.

Back in his home country Germany he is studying Applied Media Research in his Master Degree, which helps him understanding how a company should behave in our world full of digital und online connections.

He started his Bachelors degree right after finishing school on 2014 and has graduated 2017 in Sociology, with specialization in Technic- and Internet Sociology. During his Bachelor degree he worked in different positions, such as graphic editor, logistics and several project management tasks. In fall 2017 he started his Master degree in Applied Media Research and started working for a Children- and Youth Communication Agency, in which he was part of the project management of the digital youth magazine of the “Deutsche Telekom”.

With his creative streak and his “out of the box”- thinking he always tries best to find very intuitive and efficient solutions, which is mostly successful. Florian is not good in giving up tasks as long as he is not completely satisfied with it.
His creativity one can also notice in his passion for cooking, baking and as well in his interests for almost every kind of art, whether it is music, photography, writing or acting.

Florian is part of Par Excellence since late September of 2018 and will stay until end of February 2019.